FAQ – What pattern did you use?

Hi Everyone,

I often get the question if there are special patterns for micro-crochet. The answer is no. Although I create my own patterns that are better adapted for micro-crochet you can also use any pattern available.
Here is a list where I got some patterns from (If I still know where I got them). Just click the picture to enter the website where the pattern is available.

Available patterns

Private patterns (for now, lack of time)

  • Bunny Sabia
  • Dollhouse Potholder
  • Dollhouse Tablecloth
  • Minion
  • Mouse Mimi
  • Pig Pebble
  • Mushroom
  • Turte Sunny
  • Duck Dewey
  • Sockmonkey Gioia

You can also leave a message to motivate me making more patterns available for sales. It does not have any priority because I do not know how much you want me to make patterns. Or if any other pattern(link) about the animals I made is missing. I could try to look it up and add to the list.

Babette Polman

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