EN – Pattern Dachshund Mel

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You are buying the English pattern for Dachshund Mel.
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It includes the flower, collar and laces.

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Crocheted with a 2.5mm Hook and cotton Mel will be 80mm (3.15”) high
Crocheted with a 0.4mm Hook and Sew-all Guetermann Mel will be 12mm (0.5”) long

To crochet Mel you will need:
2 colors thread for his body and belly
 Black and white for his eyes and nose
Darning needle
 A crochethook that matches your thread
 Pliers as it might get tight sometimes

01023 - Mini Dachshund

These are the stitches you need to know when crocheting this amigurumi puppy. Mel is also crocheted in rings.
Mr = Magic ring
Ss = Slip stitch
Sc = Single crochet
Inc = Increase (2sc in one stitch)
Dec = Decrease (sc 2 stitches together)
Hdc = Half double crochet
Dc = Double crochet

Legal Note
This pattern is for personal use only. It is not allowed to sell or distribute this pattern in any way or form. It is not allowed to sell finished products on the internet.


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