FAQ – How do you do that?


1.] What kind of thread do you use?
—-I use Guetermann sew-all sewing thread.
2.] Do you use a Magnifying glass?
—-No, I don’t use it. The view is like being underwater. A good lamp or sunlight is enough.
3.] How long does it take to make a miniature?
—-That is so difficult to answer. It depends on the size, stitches used and many other factors.
4.] Where can I buy the hooks you use?
—-They can be bought in my shop. Here is direct link to the hooks.
5.] Where can I find the patterns to crochet so small?
—-I do have some patterns in my webshop but, actually you could use every pattern available as long as the hook matches the threads.

To make things more clear I made a little video.

Here is a little video on how I crochet the first 12 stitches of an amigurumi.
In the beginning I have to get a good grip on the thread after that you can see 12 stitches being created.
Let me know what you think of the video.

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