Colorcharts of my amigurumi’s

Always wondering what color combinations I’m using in my creations? Scroll down to see what colors are used. These are almost, only made with 100% guetermann. Some pictures are older. They are from the time before I made the transition to Guetermann only. Some animals are available as a pattern, some are made with patterns (free or bought) from the internet.

Teddy Bear Belle:




Owl Family members: The tinier ones: Lolly being the smallest one

Other owls Olly:

And last are some plants:

FAQ – What kind of thread do you use?

In one word. Gütermann. And because I have every color I can make all animals in every color.


During my journey in the world of miniature crochet I came to the conclusion that this brand is the best for my hobby.

Why is it so good then?
Well… It is the thinnest thread on the market.
There are no thick and thin areas where I came across when using other brands.

Guetermann link picture.

The normal thread is called Gütermann Polyester all-sew thread. It’s a count 100, especially made for the consumer threads. To be found in most haberdashery stores in up to 400 colors. Beige bobbin color, 19 mm in diameter, labeled Gütermann 100m or 200 m, 100%Polyester.

There is a saying:
The joy you have when purchasing a cheap spool of thread lasts shorter than the pleasure you receive with the result from a good brand.

Here is a website where they sell individual bobbins. And they ship overseas!


Article Make-up Description Article-No.

Sew-all Thread

  • No./Tkt.100
  • dtex300(2)
100 m 400 colors 701890
100 m 400 colors 788988
200 m 400 colors 748277
250 m 186 colors 717878
500 m 48 colors 701920
500 m 36 colors 709239
1,000 m 10 colors 701939