Colorcharts of my amigurumi’s

Always wondering what color combinations I’m using in my creations? Scroll down to see what colors are used. These are almost, only made with 100% guetermann. Some pictures are older. They are from the time before I made the transition to Guetermann only. Some animals are available as a pattern, some are made with patterns (free … Continue reading “Colorcharts of my amigurumi’s”

FAQ – What pattern did you use?

Hi Everyone, I often get the question if there are special patterns for micro-crochet. The answer is no. Although I create my own patterns that are better adapted for micro-crochet you can also use any pattern available. Here is a list where I got some patterns from (If I still know where I got them). … Continue reading “FAQ – What pattern did you use?”

FAQ – How do you do that?

  1.] What kind of thread do you use? —-I use Guetermann sew-all sewing thread. 2.] Do you use a Magnifying glass? —-No, I don’t use it. The view is like being underwater. A good lamp or sunlight is enough. 3.] How long does it take to make a miniature? —-That is so difficult to … Continue reading “FAQ – How do you do that?”

FAQ – What kind of thread do you use?

In one word. Gütermann. And because I have every color I can make all animals in every color. During my journey in the world of miniature crochet I came to the conclusion that this brand is the best for my hobby. Why is it so good then? Well… It is the thinnest thread on the … Continue reading “FAQ – What kind of thread do you use?”