Free pattern of a snowman

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share this tiny pattern with you all.
What you need:

– This pattern
– A tiny hook (preferably my favourite 0.4mm)
– Guetermann threads (I used White and Black)
– Guetermann Sulky rayon Orange
– Guetermann Holoshimmer red
– Needle, stuffing and sciccors

I’m going to write the pattern in 2 ways, the long high way and my way(extreme short)
1) 6sc in a Mr. [6]
2) [Inc] repeat until you are around [12]
3) [1sc, Inc] repeat until you are around [18]
4) [2sc, Inc] repeat until you are around [24]
5) Sc around [24]
6) Sc around [24]
7) Sc around [24]
8) [2sc, Dec] repeat until you are around [18]
9) [1sc, Dec] repeat until you are around [12]
10)[1sc, Dec] repeat until you are around [8]
11) [1sc, Inc] repeat until you are around [12]
12)[1sc, Inc] repeat until you are around [18]
13) Sc around [18]
14) Sc around [18]
15) [1sc, Dec] [12]
16) Dec around [6] Don’t forget to stuff both ‘parts’

1) 6sc in a Mr. [6]
2) [Inc] repeat until you are around [12]
3) Backloops, Sc around [12]
4) Sc around [12]
5) Sc around [12]
6) Frontloops, [1sc, Inc] repeat until you are around [18]
7) [2sc, Inc] repeat until are around [24] Sew on to his head

1) Ch 4, and ss in the 4th ch

Make French knots for the buttons,

My way,….
6, 12, 18, 24, (3x 24), 18, 12, 8,12, 18, (2×18), 12, 6, Fasten off

6, 12, (BL, 12), 12, 12,2069-blog-free-pattern-snowman-2

Colorcharts of my amigurumi’s

Always wondering what color combinations I’m using in my creations? Scroll down to see what colors are used. These are almost, only made with 100% guetermann. Some pictures are older. They are from the time before I made the transition to Guetermann only. Some animals are available as a pattern, some are made with patterns (free or bought) from the internet.

Teddy Bear Belle:




Owl Family members: The tinier ones: Lolly being the smallest one

Other owls Olly:

And last are some plants:

Polaroid –> Impossible

As some of you may now I work at Impossible now. Colleague’s are taking pictures of me, but I also made a picture of my logo with an I-lab. Really cool. Click the logo to see all pictures with me on it


Click the logo to see all pictures with me on it

Vlog interview “Koffie & Wol”

I was on a vlog interview by Koffie & Wol recently. I got to show (off) my tiny creations and tell how I do it. It is in dutch but lots of fun to watch me doing it. @10:46min my interview starts. Click the picture view more….

FAQ – What pattern did you use?

Hi Everyone,

I often get the question if there are special patterns for micro-crochet. The answer is no. Although I create my own patterns that are better adapted for micro-crochet you can also use any pattern available.
Here is a list where I got some patterns from (If I still know where I got them). Just click the picture to enter the website where the pattern is available.

Available patterns

Private patterns (for now, lack of time)

  • Bunny Sabia
  • Dollhouse Potholder
  • Dollhouse Tablecloth
  • Minion
  • Mouse Mimi
  • Pig Pebble
  • Mushroom
  • Turte Sunny
  • Duck Dewey
  • Sockmonkey Gioia

You can also leave a message to motivate me making more patterns available for sales. It does not have any priority because I do not know how much you want me to make patterns. Or if any other pattern(link) about the animals I made is missing. I could try to look it up and add to the list.

Babette Polman

Free Pattern Hello Kitty – EN & NL

This Amigurumi pattern is designed by Jamai. Translated from Thai to english by Sayjai. I translated it to English again to a table form. Everything is crocheted in rings, meaning closed with a slipstitch and started with a chain. Use the pictures to embroider the face on Hello Kitty. If you want to crochet Kitty with Guetermann sewingthread you can use 758(pink), 852(yellow), black and white.


Row.   Stitches                       [Total sc]

  1. ch4, sc2 in second ch from hook, sc, 4sc in last chain, sc, 2sc in the ‘second’ chain from your starting round [10]
  2. Inc twice, sc, Inc four times, sc, and two Inc [18]
  3. (sc, inc) 2x, sc, (sc, inc)4x, sc, (1sc, inc)2x [26]
  4. 2sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 9sc, inc [30]
  5. 6sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 10sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc [34]
  6. Around [34]
  7. Around [34]
  8. Around [34]
  9. Around [34]
  10. Around [34]
  11. (dec, 5sc) 4x, dec, 4sc [29]
  12. 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)4x, sc [24]
  13. (dec, 3sc)4x, dec, 2sc [19]
  14. Sc, dec, (2sc, dec)4x [14]


  1. 6sc in a starting [6]
  2. (1sc, inc) rep until you’re around[9]
  3. 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, sc [12]

Body and dress

  1. Combine the legs with 2sc. You will keep 20sc free for crocheting around. And do so. That’s your first round. [20]
  2. Around [20]
  3. Around [20]
  4. 4sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 4sc [18]
  5. Around [18]
  6. (2sc, dec)2x, 3sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 1sc [14] Swich to pink
  7. FL-only (1sc, inc) rep until you’re around [21] (FL=front loops)
  8. Around [21]
  9. 3sc, inc, (4sc, inc)3x, 2sc [25]
  10. Around [25]
  11. 4sc, inc, (5sc, inc)3x, 2sc [29]
  12. Around [29]
  13. Chain 2 and 1sc (This will be the picot at the edge) [29]


  1. Chain 3, 2sc in the second chain from hook, 4sc in the last and 2sc in the ‘first’ one. close with a slipstitch. [8]
  2. 1sc, (inc)2x, 2sc, (inc)2x, 1sc [12]
  3. Around [12]
  4. Around [12]


  1. 6sc in a MR [6]
  2. Around [6]
  3. Around [6]

Everything written below is in Dutch. The pattern in English is above this line.

Alle delen worden gehaakt in ringen, dwz, de toer sluiten met een halve vast en de volgende toer beginnen met een losse. Gebruik de foto’s om het gezicht op Hello Kitty te borduren. Mocht je haar willen haken in Geutermann gebruik dan de kleuren: 758(roze), 852(geel), en wit en zwart. 


Toer.   Steken                      [Totaal V]

  1.  4L, 2v in de 2e losse van de ketting, v, 4v, v, 2v [10]
  2. Meerd 2x, v, meerd4x, v, meerd2x [18]
  3. (v, meerd) 2x, v, (v, meerd)4x, v, (1v, meerd)2x [26]
  4. 2v, meerd, 9v, meerd, 2v, meerd, 9v, meerd [30]
  5. 6v, meerd, 3v, meerd, 10v, meerd, 3v, meerd, 4v [34]
  6. Rondje [34]
  7. Rondje [34]
  8. Rondje [34]
  9. Rondje [34]
  10. Rondje [34]
  11. [mind, 5v] 4x, mind, 4v [29]
  12. 2v, mind, [4v, mind]4x, v [24]
  13. [mind, 3v]4x, mind, 2v [19]
  14. V, mind, [2v, mind]4x [14]

Oor (2x)

  1. 6v in opzetlus [6]
  2. [1v, meerd] herh tot u rond bent [9]
  3. 2v, meerd, 2v, meerd, 2v, meerd, v [12]

Lijfje en Jurk

  1. Maak de beentjes bij 2v vast, zo hou je 20v over om het eerste rondje te haken, deze toer is de eerste toer [20]
  2. Rondje [20]
  3. Rondje [20]
  4. 4v, mind, 8v, mind, 4v [18]
  5. Rondje [18]
  6. (2v, mind) 2x, 3v, mind, 2v, mind, 1v. Stap over op roze [14]
  7. (In VOORSTE-lussen) (1v, meerd) herh tot je rond bent [21]
  8. Rondje [21]
  9. 3v, meerd, (4v, meerd)3x, 2v [25]
  10. Rondje [25]
  11. 4v, meerd, (5v, meerd)3x, 2v [29]
  12. Rondje [29]
  13. 2lossen en een v (sierrandje) [29]

Been (2x)

  1. 3lossen, 2v in de 2e losse van de ketting, 4 in de laatste en dan weer 2 in de eerste [8]
  2. 1v, (meerd)2x, 2v, (meerd)2x, 1v [12]
  3. Rondje [12]
  4. Rondje [12]

Arm (2x)

  1. 6v in opzetlus [6]
  2. Rondje [6]
  3. Rondje [6]

Fair DHN-Show Fall 2015

Here are pictures of the Dollhouse Nederland Show fair from Fall 2015.
There is also a preperation picture at my house. 🙂
To get a good look The pictures are bigger than normal (1000px)

01414 - DHN-show dollhouse fair fall 2015 (7)


Free pattern Gummy Bear

Enjoy crocheting this free pattern of a cute Gummy Bear.
It is crocheted in rings and made with 2 strands of Guetermann Sew-all sewingthread. (Color 28 for this specific blue) A 0.6mm crochethook is used. It should be possible to use a 0.4mm and a single strand of sewingthread.

If you have trouble reading the pattern of the body you can look at the picture of the puppy muzzle. Just edit the amounts.

00880-EN-Gummy Bear Micro Crochet free pattern overview 00880-EN-Gummy Bear Micro Crochet free pattern 00880-EN-Gummy Bear Micro Crochet free pattern frontview00880-EN-Gummy Bear Micro Crochet free pattern backAs this is a free pattern refer to this webpage instead of copying the whole pattern. And not claim it as your own. Crocheted products may be sold but also provide me as the owner of the pattern.


Here are some great Characters I made.

First, there is Hello Kitty.

Sesamestreet hero’s Elmo and Ernie.
Want to crochet Ernie? Click here for his pattern!

Disney icon Mickey Mouse, The big one has a lot of stitches and is an excisting pattern. I also designed a Mickey and Minnie myself that are very small.

And from the 80’s Price Popples

The funniest Minion in the universe. Made in Cotton and also made with Guetermann sewingthread.

If you want to know more about them, you can just fill in the contact form.

FAQ – How do you do that?


1.] What kind of thread do you use?
—-I use Guetermann sew-all sewing thread.
2.] Do you use a Magnifying glass?
—-No, I don’t use it. The view is like being underwater. A good lamp or sunlight is enough.
3.] How long does it take to make a miniature?
—-That is so difficult to answer. It depends on the size, stitches used and many other factors.
4.] Where can I buy the hooks you use?
—-They can be bought in my shop. Here is direct link to the hooks.
5.] Where can I find the patterns to crochet so small?
—-I do have some patterns in my webshop but, actually you could use every pattern available as long as the hook matches the threads.

To make things more clear I made a little video.

Here is a little video on how I crochet the first 12 stitches of an amigurumi.
In the beginning I have to get a good grip on the thread after that you can see 12 stitches being created.
Let me know what you think of the video.