the artist Babette Polman

Babette Polman
Micro-crochet, the name is what it says “Crocheted very small”. That’s what makes my crochet recognizable. They are cute, unique and crafted and/or designed with lots of detail. What I like most about it is that all my amigurumi’s get to be named. For example there is Teddy bear Belle and Cat Mr. Zafir. I also like to improve them every time when I learn myself new skills.
Who designs these sweet crocheted critters? I’ll introduce myself. I’m Babette Polman, born on the 4th of December 1984. I have 2 sweet children and a great husband. I was born and raised in Enschede and now I live in Glanerbrug (Netherlands). Since 2011 I am completely sold to crochet. It’s a real addiction. It started for me when I was at work and had an intern who introduced me to crochet again. She had tiny amigurumi’s on dangling on her bag. I asked how she got them. “I made them myself” She said. Just like every other little girl I’ve learned it from my mother but, never the amigurumi part. When i knew “the how” i couldn’t stop crocheting and because I like a challenge I make the amigurumi’s with sewing thread. This is a real precise job and takes a lot of time.

I also find it important that all of my crocheted animals for sale are 100% Micro-Crochet. You could say I’m a perfectionist and so I find it important that all my amigurumi’s are made perfectly. Some tricks are the trick of the trade but, i can answer some of the FAQ’s. They are answered here…

Designing is a part I really like to do on my own terms. It takes a lot of time and, just like writing books, you have to do it when you have inspiration. When I do I like to turn them in patterns for sale. My husband likes to help me on that part. He can translate and do the make up of the PDF.